can you wear your contact lenses while taking a bath?

Can You Shower With Contacts in?

There’s a lot of debate over whether you can shower with your contacts in. Charissa Lee, the North American president of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, says no. However, she does recommend that you take them out before you get in the shower. You’re also warned against getting your eyes wet because the water in the shower contains numerous irritants. That’s why you should be sure to remove your contact lenses before you shower.

One of the main concerns about wearing contacts

is that the shower water could splash into your eyes and irritate your eyes. As a result, the water could potentially absorb bacteria from your eyes. The bacteria can then pass through the lenses and into your cornea, causing an eye infection. Because of this, you should take your contacts out before you shower, or store them in a contact lens solution. Alternatively, you can buy a disposable contact lens solution and keep it in the shower bag.

Even though the water contained bacteria

and is safe to drink, it’s not a good idea to wear your contact lenses in the shower. The chemicals in the water can cause eye infections or damage to the cornea. Some other factors that can irritate your eyes when you shower include dusty air, allergens, and simply dryness. If you can’t avoid wearing your contacts, don’t worry. Just remember that you should always remove them before you go to the shower.

Many people who wear contact lenses

prefer to wear them while showering. Most daily contact lens wearers prefer to keep their lenses in while in the shower. Doing so reduces the chances of them falling out of place or getting infected. It’s also a great way to avoid the risk of infection. Freshwater contains bacteria and other microorganisms that can infect your contact lenses. For this reason, you should never wear your contacts in the shower.

Besides the water is clean

it is also the home of a variety of bacteria and microorganisms. You should never shower with your contact lenses in. The same goes for swimming pools and hot tubs. For safety and hygiene reasons, you should remove them before entering the water. You should also consider whether they’re compatible with your lenses. If you do decide to take the plunge, be sure to take them out of the shower and consult an optometrist.

Although most people do not accidentally wear contact lenses

while in the shower, it is best to avoid the risk of infection. As water is a natural breeding ground for bacteria, it can be very dangerous for your eyes. You should not use your contacts while you’re in the shower and avoid any kind of water for your contacts. When you shower, it is best to take them out of your eyes and sterilize them.

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