LED Grow Tent – A Guide For Choosing the Best Tent

Growing a good crop of vegetables in a small space is a challenge

But it doesn’t have to be the norm! You don’t have to be tied down by a large tent to enjoy the joys of indoor gardening. With the right growing tools and some patience, your garden can be as small as a few square feet and as expansive as several yards of open space. Grow tents are just what they sound like – a tent in which you can easily and safely grow your favorite vegetables. You don’t have to be an expert gardener to use these, all you need is the knowledge of what plants can be grown in a given area and the basic tools you need to get your garden started.

The Sun System Lec tent package from Grow Tent offers everything you need to get started, including the frame, wiring, lights, air pump and shelving. Space to grow is often a problem, especially if you reside somewhere without any outside room to work with (rural areas, the apartment, etc.). However, a portable grow light will let you establish a shop where you need it, virtually anywhere inside or outside your home. And with so many grow lights available as small as 2″ they can easily be installed on your own.

Many of today’s compact grow tents use energy-efficient light bulbs

That are very friendly to the environment. This is important because many areas have problems with the quality of light that Mother Nature provides. Grow lights such as the Grow Tent System LEC will provide high quality and reliable lighting without harming the plant’s roots or the surrounding soil. When you use grow lights that do not use energy inefficient lamps, your tent becomes energy efficient too, thus reducing the amount of electricity you use.

Another popular tent brand that a lot of gardeners like is Eureka! They have been around since the mid 1980’s and they are well known for the variety of products they offer. Most of their items are used by professional growers and by home gardeners as well, but the most popular item they offer is the Trulife XLS. This product is extremely versatile and can be used in an almost endless number of environments.

very nice products is Iridescent Designs

One other popular tent brand that has some very nice products is Iridescent Designs. Their product line is particularly noteworthy for its “cool” design. This tent brand provides the user with an easy to assemble lighting system. All of their lights come standard in a 2′ wide by 2′ tall design, however each one also comes standard with a built-in power strip. Also, their biggest drawcard is that all of their products use a triple-sided tape to seal the tent making it very water-resistant.

If you’re looking for a very good all-around tent then you might want to check out the Oceanic Outrigger HVAC tent. The tent is a bit on the expensive side, but it is also made from such high quality material that you’ll notice years of use right away. With the included LED grow lights you’ll be able to grow very large amounts of plants, even up to ten square feet. The tent is also very sturdy, so it should last you for many years.

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