Pros and Cons of Grow Boxes

it is important that you choose a quality grow box

If you have decided that you want to grow your own marijuana, it is important that you choose a quality grow box. There are many different types of grow boxes on the market today, and they are all very different. A grow box doesn’t only do the dirty work; it also keeps your plants well nourished while they are growing. The most important factor in any type of grow box is the size. The grower should be able to grow, at a minimum, three plants inside the grow box, and should have room for two more when fully grown.

The grow box actually does all of the work and, quite honestly, not nearly as much as you think it would. A grow box, once filled with soil and the correct type of nutrients, will provide all the light, water and air necessary for your new cannabis plants. A grow box is essentially a self-contained environment for growing cannabis. What you have to grow the herb from seedling to full, mature plant, which includes the correct nutrients, the grow lamps, etc. is all included with a grow box.

the tender leaves of the plants that may be resting on the bottom

Most indoor grow boxes, also called grow cabinets, are made from stainless steel and/or wood and are constructed so that the lid can be locked securely. These are some of the best value because the box is virtually impenetrable to small insects while also offering some protection to the tender leaves of the plants that may be resting on the bottom. Some of the more expensive grow box varieties offer a combination lockable lid and a glass or acrylic window which allows a good amount of natural light to flow through the plant growing medium. Many of the lockable grow box models also offer air circulation systems and humidity controlled vents.

Another pro that these grow boxes offer is providing indoor gardening of high quality for low cost. These models allow for full plant coverage with very little wasted space and can provide up to 9 plant sites. This is great for indoor gardeners who need only a few high quality plants but cannot afford to develop them to the full extent possible.

The cons of these grow boxes are:

* If it is small, it may not fit into the window. * If it is small, it may not offer sufficient light for good growing conditions. * You need to check prices carefully to ensure you get a box that fits your budget as some can be rather costly. * Make sure that it has a ventilation system that will allow for air to circulate in and out and dehumidify the air. Some models only offer a fan with no ventilation system in place.

The most popular type of grow boxes are the hydroponic systems that provide you with an environment similar to that of a traditional soil-based garden. The advantage of these is that you can grow virtually anything in them from herbs to fruits and vegetables. In fact, many hydroponic enthusiasts are turning their passion for growing food into a business and creating specialty shops selling all types of hydroponic supplies. These shops are located all over the world and can be found on the internet. The primary advantage of these types of grow boxes is that they are small enough to fit almost any type of window. However, there are pros and cons to both types of grow boxes and you should research each model fully before making a purchase.

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