Save Money and the Environment

Save Money and the Environment – Compare Prices and Get Renewable Power Today!

If you want to learn more about Business Energy Performance, here’s what you need to know: Business Energy Performance is the latest trend in green investing, which seeks to improve corporate productivity, environmental performance, and overall value. Today, we live in an era where “going green” can mean different things to different people. For some, it means recycling; for others, it means investing in a modern fleet of trucks and vans equipped to run on biodiesel and natural gas, or other greener technologies. Some companies go further, committing to powering their facilities completely off the grid – a laudable goal, but one that faces significant roadblocks.


Business Energy Performance is a flexible

the fully customizable solution that offers companies an affordable way to improve their green energy tariffs. BEP offers tailored, individualized business solutions that will help you minimize your energy consumption so you pay less money for the same amount of electricity. No up-front costs as only monthly savings will cover your installation. Full, on-site equipment repair and replacements. Business Energy Performance works with qualified, experienced suppliers and electricians to help small businesses and commercial outfits get off the grid.


What kind of energy do you currently purchase from your energy supplier?

Are you satisfied with your current provider’s services and rate structure? If not, why not consider switching to a greener energy supplier? If your business uses too much electricity, you could save thousands of dollars every year by choosing to go “green.” Switching over to new, cleaner technology lowers your monthly utility bill and saves your employees and the environment a lot of money in the long run.


Let’s say you’re using ten thousand kilowatts of electricity per month or more.

Your average business energy bill would be about thirty dollars per kWh. Switching over to EPCS (electrical power distribution systems) will drop your yearly electricity bill by two-thirds. That’s because your new supplier will supply power when it’s needed and not always sell back unused electricity. New systems will also allow you to lower your carbon footprint which helps the environment.


How do you find out how much you’re paying now to power your business?

There are many reliable sources online that offer businesses a free business electricity comparison. You can compare prices from different suppliers, read testimonials, and learn more about what each supplier has to offer. Most suppliers offer free trials that let you see how easy it is to quickly and easily change your electricity supplier and help the environment.


Many suppliers offer incentives for energy efficiency

such as reduced bills and better incentives for renewable energy sources. Incentives for reducing carbon emissions include tax credits and buy-back programs. Solar farms and wind turbines reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs. It’s easier than ever to make a smart investment in your business by comparing prices, learning about each supplier and the incentives they offer.

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