Scope of Eye Care Services Offered by Optometrist

optometrist treats several diseases of the eye

Optometrist is one of the leading professions of medicine. In United States, there are more than 300 optical clinics. Optometrist provides necessary eye care and diagnosis to patients with various eye disorders. In addition, optometrist treats several diseases of the eye such as glaucoma, cataract, corneal disease, and migraine.

Optometrist treats most common eye disorders such as myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia, refractive errors, astigmatism, and cataract. In order to treat different eye disorders, optometrist performs various tests such as comprehensive eye exam, diagnostic evaluation of eye structures, and laboratory examinations. Some optometrist acquire additional clinical training or do extensive refraction eye exam and cataract detection after completing their surgical training.

diagnosis and treatment

Optometrist has the responsibility to provide proper diagnosis and treatment for various visual impairments and diseases. It is their main responsibility to maintain the overall eye health and vision condition of their patients. Optometrist uses various tools and techniques to diagnose and assess various eye problems and provide appropriate treatment for these visual impairments. For instance, refraction eye exam is a common tool for evaluating eye health and determines problems such as myopia, hypermetropia, and presbyopia.

Cataract is most common problem among adult Americans. Cataract is caused by buildup of water in the hard vessels of eyes causing cloudy vision and severe eye pain. Optometrist can diagnose and treat different forms of cataracts such as closed angle, open angle, and multifocal cataracts. They can also treat patients suffering from sudden blurred vision, halos, double vision and astigmatism. It is also important for them to determine causes of sudden blurred vision, halos, double vision and astigmatism.

routine eye exams to detect diabetes

Eye doctors usually perform routine eye exams to detect diabetes. Eye doctors perform a diabetes eye exam in two different ways. The first method is by using a standard eye exam tool and the second method is laboratory testing. In primary diabetes exam, a series of tests are performed to detect possible eye diseases and vision problems. This includes refraction, visual acuity test, optical examination, nerve conduction study, blood test and glucose monitoring.

As we can see, there are so many scope of eye care services provided by optometrist. These eye care services are performed by optometrist in emergency, routine, emergency, preventive and therapeutic programs. In some cases, they take care of all vision problems at an outpatient basis. If you have any eye related problem, it is better to make sure that your eye doctor is a qualified and experienced optometrist. You should always contact your optometrist if you have any vision related problem.

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