Types of Armors – Which Ones Do You Need?

 the right armor can be acquired

The Right Armor is a minor side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisitor that requires the character to recover one of the most prized armors of Harritt Fargarley a famed blacksmith located in the city of Whiterun in the third era. Although the right armor can be acquired much earlier in the game it’s still quite difficult to find and therefore this one is more of an achievement than a common quest because of how rare it is. The armor itself comes from various ancient races but fortunately the right armors can also be obtained from a unique vendor.

The Right Armor is basically used to increase a character’s offensive capability against their enemies, this means that wearing it will boost your threat level and make you much more effective when fighting. This piece of armor is quite useful for most frontliners because it boosts their attack, making them more powerful. There are many different types of armors that are classified as Right Armors, there are leather plates and cloth armor which all serve the same purpose, they increase your threat level and give you the ability to deal out more damage. In addition they also improve your armor and provide better stamina. The leather plate and cloth plates are usually bested by leather chest or plate armors which provide better armor as well as better stamina.

great for offensive or defensive strategies

These kinds of armor are great for offensive or defensive strategies. If you want to deal with multiple opponents, you can use cloth plates while leather plates are better for single target damage dealing. One of the disadvantages of using this kind of body armor is that they don’t do anything for the armor rating and only reduce the threat generated by melee attackers. It can also be degrading at the same time.

Right Gunsmith Gear This kind of armor is specifically made to boost the stopping power of ranged weapons, they are the same as other body armor and work the same way. They reduce the threat generated by the melee attacker while increasing the stopping power of firearms. This is a form of “anti-rifle” armor and is good to use against rifles and automatics, the damage they can inflict is minimal so you can still deal with them effectively. They are also very good at stopping power against large scale melee attackers and against enemy armored troops. These are ideal for groups of enemies or defense and offense.

Hard Armor Plates

This is an armor type that provides less threat level but is more effective against specific melee and ranged attackers. The reason behind that is that it is specifically designed to lessen the damage from weapons such as knives, swords, bows and firearms. It is perfect for groups of enemies or defense and offense.

Soft Armor Plates This is the opposite of hard armor plates. They are designed to decrease the threat levels generated by ranged weapons and firearms. It doesn’t decrease the stopping power at all and only slightly lessens the threat level of melee attackers. This is perfect for groups of enemies or defense and offense. You can also use this armor on your character if you want to.

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