Unique Delay Wipes

These are specially designed for prolonged strong sexual pleasure lasting several hours.

easy to use

Manual Delay Wipes rejuvenates and cools the sensitive skin so there is no sensation caused by warm, wet, and slippery skin. This amazing product is extremely easy to use and is made using natural plant-based ingredients that are completely safe for sensitive skin.

can be safely used

No side effects are caused by the use of Delay Wipes, which means it can be safely used by any gender of any age. If your partner has been suffering from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, this amazing delay product could be just what you need to return to healthy sex life.

intensify sexual experience

Many partners find that by using Delay Wipes on a consistent basis, they are able to prolong and intensify their sexual experience and improve their stamina considerably. Delay Wipes is made from clinically tested, natural herbal ingredients which have all been personally selected from around the world for their aphrodisiac properties and soothing effect.

impressive results

In tests, many of the delaying products have shown impressive results in helping men to delay ejaculation and prolong sexual satisfaction. Now individually wrapped in individual cellophane bags, Delay Wipes is available in discreet packaging so they are perfectly safe and secure.

effective product

Delay Wipes are recommended as a fantastic aphrodisiac for couples looking for ways to increase intimacy and desire for each other. For males suffering from premature ejaculation, this scientifically proven product is an effective, discreet, and safe way to reduce early ejaculation. The scientifically proven herb extracts in Delay Wipes allow the penis to hold its erection for up to 40 minutes with increased sensitivity and control. Individual cellophane bags to ensure that delay wipes do not tear are hygienically sealed and conveniently carry individually in your pocket or handbag.

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