ways of enhancing the beauty of your eyes

How To Create That Gorgeous Look With Blue Eyeshadow

Whether you want to try a new look with your eye makeup or you just want to try something different for your makeup application, you can do that with the help of eye makeup tips and tricks. There are many ways of enhancing the beauty of your eyes and there are also many tricks and secrets that will help you enhance your eyes without having to spend too much money. Of course, there is no guarantee that these tricks and tips will work, but it is better to take chances than to not try at all. Here are some simple ways to enhance your eyes:


Using dark color eyeliners

is a good way to draw focus to blue eyes. Because purple is actually a combination of red and blue, its warm undertones definitely draw attention to your lovely blue eyes, as well as your beautiful smile. To create this kind of makeup look, it is advisable to select darker, richer purple eyeshadow along with dark brown mascara. Apply the makeup look by applying the darker color eyeliner on one of your eyelids and a bit of the warm color on the other eyelid and let it stay there for about a minute.


If you have blue eyes and blond hair

it is possible that your eye color is not determined by your genes, but by a combination of genes and environment. To create this kind of makeup look, you need to select a mascara that contains green-colored eyelashes and a brown eyeshade. The brown eyes shade needs to be darker than the green one. Then apply the green color eyeliner on top of the brown eyes and a bit of the warm color on the bottom of your eyes and blend the two colors using a brush. This will produce a dramatic look and it will be easy to create.


If you have blue eyes

you can add some variations to this makeup. One way to do this is to apply a light blue eyeliner on your upper lid and fade it out just a shade lighter on the bottom lids. To add some definition to your eyes, use a brush and add a bit of blush to the crease of your eye. To finish off your outfit, wear a subtle gold-colored belt with a gold-colored brooch at the center. This is a simple way to create that gorgeous look.


If you have brown eyes

it is not that hard to create a really cute and chic look with blue eyeshadow. Just select some earthy shades like brown, bronze, and sand, and create an overall warm look. Then select a light blue shade for your eyeliners and apply it to your upper lid area. Then select some cool colors like grey, aqua blue, or mauve for your shadow and a few shades lighter than your blue eyes to enhance your look. Finish your look off with gold-colored mascara.


There are so many different shades of blue eyeshadow

that it can be tricky to pick the right ones. Once you know what kind of effect you are trying to create, you can then select the appropriate shades of eyeliner colors to apply. The best thing about these types of eyeliners is that they are usually sold in single shades and you can then place them together to create a more coordinated look.

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