what are the Types of Picnic Tables?

Types of Picnic Tables

Picnic tables may seem like a throwaway item but there is more to their function and utility than a meal on the grass. Picnic Tables provide the perfect backdrop to a picnic and provide a place to sit, relax, and enjoy the cool air while taking a bite out of sandwiches or desserts. They can also be placed in your backyard as a place to cook up some hot dogs, hamburgers, or even a delicious dessert. Choosing the right Picnic Table to meet your needs requires some shopping, but the rewards of owning one make it well worth the extra investment.


Picnic Tables range in size from six inches wide

and two feet tall to over forty-five inches tall and several pounds weight. Choose picnic tables that are specifically designed for the intended usage and which meet your local building codes. The smaller tables tend to be made from common building materials such as maple, pine, or oak. The longer bench seats are usually made from heavy-duty aluminum. Seating options vary from standard bucket seats to custom-molded bench seats, to custom-designed slip-on seats.


Picnic Tables are available in many different styles

but the most popular type is round picnic tables. Round tables allow for plenty of room for people to sit and enjoy the surroundings. The round table shape also makes it easier to host parties and small get-togethers because there is no need for party supplies such as serving dishes or chairs. Picnic tables are also available in various shapes, but the most common is the rectangular shape with two long sides and two short sides. These rectangular-shaped picnic tables are very popular because they provide a larger surface for eating.


Picnic tables with a square or rectangular shape are much smaller.

These tables provide less space for eating but offer enough room to comfortably sit and talk. The square or rectangular tables generally fit between six and ten people. Most of these smaller tables are between twenty-six and thirty-six inches in height. They generally range between ten to seventeen inches across the top of the table.


A-Frame Picnic Tables are known as portable picnic tables

because they feature legs that can be extended like traditional chairs. However, frame tables can also be used indoors for outdoor dining. These tables typically have a long, rectangular base and have four long or two wide legs that can extend out. The back of a frame table generally has three to four individually adjustable, removable, fully convertible seats. The back of a frame table is commonly covered with an umbrella stand that is fully removable and retractable.


The last type of table is the octagon picnic table.

The octagon table’s legs can be shortened so that it fits within a circle that is fifteen inches in diameter. The tabletop on this type of table is larger than most other picnic tables. Its arms are short, tapering to a slender point and it has rounded edges. Usually, octagon picnic tables are between ten and fifteen inches across at the top of the table and between nine and eleven inches across at the bottom.

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