What to Look For When Purchasing a Dog Seat Belt

safe and effective

The advantages of dog seat belts are many. They can save your dog’s safety in an accident, protecting him from serious harm. Your dog’s safety is also important, even more so while riding in a moving vehicle. Using a dog seat belt for car travel helps to prevent serious injury if you drive erratically or suddenly while riding.

A dog seat belt works by using a variety of straps that fit around the dog’s torso and shoulders. Dog harnesses or “bark collars” fit over the harness, around the chest and around the back of the neck. These straps to restrain the dog from moving forward unless the choke chain is released. Once released, the dog can move his or her arms, legs and head through the open openings in the restraint. This system is safe and effective, but there are some situations where a dog seat belt may not be appropriate.

droopy or waddling legs

The most common scenario for a dog seat belt is when the dog is restrained in the car without any type of harness or collar. In this situation, the leash attachment must be used. For most dogs, the leash attachment will fit behind the shoulders, above the level of the shoulder joint. If your pet has long, droopy or waddling legs, this may not be a satisfactory option.

There are other circumstances where a dog seat belt is not appropriate. If the dog is restrained in the car without a harness, there will not be any way to attach a leash or chain to the restraint. The only option will be a collar or harness to attach to the animal. Some manufacturers design their dog harnesses with a one-piece strap for ease of attachment to a restraint, but many have two-piece strap restraints available.

select a strong enough harness

Before purchasing a dog seat belt, it is a good idea to research the different options that are available. Most will come in the price range you want, but be sure that the straps, chains and collars you choose fit your pet properly. It is also important to purchase a restraint with the correct size so it is most comfortable for your dog. Once you have made all of these decisions, you can begin shopping at a local pet store or online. At a pet store, the staff members will be able to properly fit and test the items you are interested in before making a purchase.

Online shopping allows you to shop from the comfort of your home and gives you the chance to compare and contrast the various dog seat belts, harnesses, and collars on the market. When making a purchase, you want to select a strong enough harness that will restrain your pet effectively. If you are looking for an adjustable straps, make sure that the item you select has strong enough adjustable straps. This is essential to ensure that you and your dog will both feel comfortable.

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