What Types of Halloween Contact Lenses Are Available?

Halloween contact lenses are lenses that can be used on Halloween night to make you look really scary. They come in many different styles and are made of many different materials. The scariest lenses are the black ones that give you the appearance that you are staring at something really deep within your eye. These make you look like you are really going to go out and kill someone.


Do’s and Don’ts of Decorative and Halloween Lenses


Unfortunately, it is illegal to purchase Halloween contact lenses without a doctor’s prescription. Even if you do not need any eye correction, you still must have a doctor’s prescription for special effects or costume lenses which are a complete misfit. Selling Halloween contact lenses as part of some kind of costume jewelry is also illegal. These sellers are breaking the law, not only risking their own reputation but also endangering the vision of others.

Some Halloween contact lenses are designed to look like pieces of costume jewelry. These are called costume lenses. Most of these are available online as well.

There are other kinds of Halloween contact lenses that are available for people who just want to look cool during the holiday. They are called novelty or costume contact lenses. Many stores carry a wide range of these too. You can find novelty or special-effect contacts that look like the eyes of a cat, alien, vampire, or whatever else you can imagine.


Buying Decorative or Halloween Contact Lenses


Some people choose to wear Halloween contact lenses out of necessity rather than because they want to. For example, many people may need to wear corrective eye care professional lenses to see better when they have had accidents or endured eye damage as children. If you have these lenses, then you will not need to look for special lenses at any store selling Halloween costumes. However, if your accident has occurred and you need to wear them to see better or otherwise wear corrective lenses, then you should contact an eye care professional and ask them about Halloween lenses.

Whatever type of Halloween contact lenses you wear, whether novelty, costume or corrective, you should look carefully at the care instructions that come with them. These should tell you how and when to clean them. The same goes for the contacts’ comfort. They should be made of a comfortable material that allows you to wear them comfortably even when you feel cold. They may look fun, but if they do not fit well, you could have a bad time wearing them.

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